Tiger Gear


 NSN 5340-01-480-8794  ×  NCAGE 1R7T6


Designed by an avid SCUBA diver, TigerGear reduces the time required to change tanks from minutes to mere seconds.

After watching a fellow diver’s gear roll into the water while preparing for a dive on the St. Lawrence River, the TigerMount was developed to ease frustration and reduce preparation time. The Integrated Rapid Attachment Mounting System [IRAMS] allows divers to prepare their gear regardless of the conditions by taking a modular approach to gear. IRAMS provides safety and security with a simple glide-and-lock technology while providing flexibility for individual preferences and techniques.

Used by NASA and the Canadian Forces during training programs, TigerGear has a unique system that has become well-known amongst the diving community.

TigerGear started production in 1996 and is manufactured in Oneonta, New York.