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Revolutionizing the way we think about "gearing up"


Diver designed and patented bracket technology changing the meaning of life support systems by providing faster access to the water with an attachment system so quick, safe and easy to use it was rapidly accepted by NASA and the Canadian Forces as part of their training programs.

          TigerMount, The Pony Bracket System                  

Attached to the BCD using the BCD strap, the TigerMount stays with the BCD for fast and convenient changing.

This concept differentiates the TigerMount from competitive units that typically mount to the main tank. TigerMount is a quick and easy for accessories such as pony bottles and battery packs.

The stainless rods within the main cylinder attachment allow the BCD tank strap to be threaded through the TigerMount, allowing the BCD strap to be loosened to change the main tank without losing alignment of your attachments. All corners on the bracket are chamfered so BCD straps can slide easily over the fixture without snagging.



Made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, all TigerGear brackets are machined to close tolerances and finished with a process called "hard-coating" rather than the standard anodizing process. TigerGear is built for strength, durability and security with a lifetime warranty, excluding abuse.


Integrated Rapid Attachment Mounting System, I.R.A.M.S.

The mounting system, available for either single or double tank configurations. Attaches and disengages with a swift and fluid vertical movement.

Attached to the BCD by two carriage bolts, the mounting system can be permanently mounted for one time installation.  Simple glide-and-lock technology allows the slave bracket to bottom into the BCD mount and is secured by locking pins.  The distinctive design of TigerGear confines forces within the bracket assembly and not the locking pins; which can be removed underwater.

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